Tips on How to Prepare For Your First Schengen Visa Interview

Sunday, September 18, 2016

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Let me share with you guys my interview experience at German Embassy Manila. I’m writing this post to give you an idea on what to expect, including tips and suggestions to help you prepare for this interview. The biggest mistake one can make is being not fully prepared. This endeavor requires much research and planning.

I arrived 30 minutes before my interview schedule, however, the guard instructed me to come back after 15 minutes. When I came back, I was asked to keep my phone inside a locker. My interview started at 2:20 pm, even though I was scheduled for 1:30 pm. As soon as the first applicant was called, I started to become apprehensive. My nerves were tingling and my heart was beating faster every passing minute. Finally, my number was called! It was my turn already!

Consul: Requirements, please.

Me: Good afternoon! (while handing in my requirements)

Consul: How many days are you going to spend in Germany?

Me: I’m going to be there in Novem--

Consul: Just the days.

Me: 6 days.

Consul: Are you alone?

Me: Yes, alone. (smiles)

Consul: Are you joining a group tour?

Me: No. (smiles)

Consul: What does (states my occupation while reading my COE) do?

Me: I’m handling the (states the nature of my work).

Consul: (nods) Do you have any friends or family in Germany?

Me: No. (smiles)

Consul: How long have you been at your job?

Me: 1 year and 1 month. (smiles)

Consul: Are you joining a group tour?

Me: (nervous because she asked this again) No, but, I’m planning to join a free walking 

tour. (smiles)

Consul: Ok! Biometrics please!


Before the interview

  • Check if all the required documents are complete. Don’t forget to print the confirmation email of the German Embassy and duly dated and signed declaration form.
  • Memorize your itinerary.
  • Be early. Know the location of the embassy. 
  • Plan to arrive at the embassy 15 minutes before your appointment. Allow ample time for traffic or the possibility of getting lost.
  • Wear smart casual (I wore my black jeans [without rips, logos, and prints], white blouse, trench coat, and flat shoes).

During the interview

  • Be prepared to discuss anything on your documents.
  • Speak clearly, smile frequently, and retain eye contact.
  • The best way to project confidence is through eye contact.
  • Ask for clarification, if you're unsure what the question means.
  • Pause before answering a difficult question to give yourself time to concentrate.

After the interview

  • Be polite. Thank the consul after the interview.
  • Do not call the embassy regarding the status of your visa.
  • The embassy cannot give information regarding the status of a visa application on the telephone, as the identity of the caller cannot be confirmed through the phone.
  • You may call the customer interaction center of 2GO and ask if they already have your passport.

I paid 3080 PHP (60 EUR) for the application fee. The next step is to wait for 2GO to deliver back my passport with or without an approved visa. This should’ve been the easy part, since all I had to do was wait.

But no. This was easier said than done, and after each passing day, my anxiety grew. Most of my friends got their visas after 2-5 days. After a week of waiting, I still haven’t received my visa! I knew that the longer it took for them to return your passport, the slimmer the chances of getting an approved visa. I was losing hope.

After 9 working days, I received a package from 2GO. It was my passport! I was afraid to open it, but after some urging from the messenger (maybe a little more than some), I opened my package, and to my surprise, I had an approved visa! I’m extremely grateful to German Embassy for granting me a Schengen Visa! The waiting game is finally over! Patience is not my virtue and waiting was not fun! Nonetheless, the ecstasy I felt when I received my visa made all the wait worth it!

The delivery fee was 170 PHP, but I gave 200 PHP to the messenger (thanks Jacklynne for this idea! Haha). Please do note that the messenger will not leave until he has verified that he handed the right passport. I was overjoyed to see my Schengen VISA! DANKE VIELMALS, DEUTSCHLAND!

Rori Xx

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